The Reason (DVD)


The setting for The Reason, an edu-drama, is 1969 at a small college peace festival, laced with rock music, anti-war protesters, hippie students and activist literary professor, Lynn Burnette.
Most media has pronounced American involvement in the Vietnam War to have begun in 1961 with President John F. Kennedy, with a deeper commitment under President Lyndon B. Johnson in March of 1965. What this film reveals, however, is the misconceptions and errant policy-making regarding Vietnam that began as early as 1917 with President Woodrow Wilson.
When history professor, Jack Gresham, also known as ‘Colonel Jack’ arrives, several of the hippie students are afforded a lesson on the truths, the lies and the convoluted origins for the Vietnam War, spanning eight presidencies from Woodrow Wilson to Richard Nixon.
Marketing notes: The Reason is being promoted through a publicity and promotion campaign with personal appearances, Q&As and ‘Meet & Greet’ events at colleges and universities nationwide.