My Side of the Fence


Dreams are wonderful to have. Asa Brooks has several, but the most important is his dream of becoming a propulsion engineer. He has the knowledge, the talent, and the opportunity, thanks to an engineering mogul named C. R. Primo supporting him. Something isn’t right. A constant nagging has his spirit troubled. He feels God’s presence in his life. He asks God’s guidance with everything he attempts. Despite how much knowledge he acquires, despite how much money he makes and gives away, God remains quiet on the biggest decision he has to make. He asks his father, a Baptist preacher, what to do. His dad tells him the same thing every time. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” His faith is tested to the point of bending but never breaking. The trials he faces in life lead to the most important lesson he learns. When you need God’s answer, ask the right question.