C.I.B. 1969


C.I.B 1969, A Combat Infantryman’s Journey follows a Vietnam Veteran’s trip into hell and a soul-searching look at the way back to the life left behind. This story is based on the memoirs of 20 year old army grunt Rick Seaman, from the jungled swamps of enemy territory in South Vietnam to an ongoing, forty year battle with the demons of PTSD. While in Vietnam, the story exposes an amazing event that transpired between a young North Vietnamese soldier and a few desperate American recon troops including Seaman himself. Seriously wounded just minutes later, Seaman entered the next phase of warfare as a patient in a ward full of very young double and triple amputees from the Vietnam War. The final chapters chart his course through the raging waters of anti-war fervor, personal challenges and his mission to create positive strategies for taking down the negative forces that cripple so many returning war fighters..